BBHome Mosquito Repellent Spray (Pink)


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BBHome Mosquito Repellent Pink 4% Repellent

**Swiss Alps**  **Edelweiss + Lemongrass**                                                                   

Silicone free, Sulfate free, Pigment free

[apply in advance to prevent mosquito bites family feel at ease with care]

[Gentle repel + cool and refreshing]

[Suitable for both Babies and Adults]

*BB Home Mosquito Repellent* is formulated with a combination of DEET and natural plant extracts to be *gentle on skin, but tough on mosquitoes*. One gentle spritz will go a long way in repelling mosquitoes and preventing possible transmission.

Uses of mild herbal formula from Swiss Alps, with effective formula, its release a gentle mosquito repellent with just a press. Selection of the various essence of herbs and refined by the unique production techniques. It can release a better care effect, removal of prickly heat antipruritic, relieve the skin itching caused by mosquito bites, cool and refresh. Its include the aloe extract, where maintain the skin’s moisturizing feeling, keeps away your baby from the summer mosquito and insect bites, it shows the same result on adult. It is an essential product for home, outdoor, and travel.

While everyone has their attentions placed firmly on COVID-19 and beating the pandemic, another battle is being waged against *Dengue Fever*. It is important to note that *Dengue Fever* cases have been rapidly increasing since the start of the year. We must pay close attention and not take things lightly; take steps to prevent mosquito breeding!

It is with this in mind that we recommend *BB Home Mosquito Repellent* to protect the health and safety of ourselves and our loved ones.

*Stay vigilant against mosquitoes*; prevention is always better than cure !

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